Edge of the World Games and Comics is a gaming “Nerdvana”

     We want people to have the opportunity to play games they haven’t played while culling the games they no longer play, trading or selling to us gives other gamers a chance to play some of the games they may not have.

     We are a retail establishment, but that’s not all we are. We really want this to be a place where our gaming community can come and hang out. Bring your decks, play in our leagues, or just come down with friends for a game. Have a board game you’d like to bring down and play? Use our game room. Want to run a D&D session? Come on down!

We are a retail establishment that will carry a little bit of everything, from :
Video Games:
  •     XBox360
  •     Playstation 3
  •     Wii
  •     DS
  •     Retro Gaming too.
Trading Card Games:
  •     Magic the Gathering
  •     Pokemon
  •     Yu-Gi-Oh
  •     and More!
Comic Books, Board Games, and DVDs!

Located at 1190 State Hwy 99 N, Eugene, OR 97402. (In Gilbert Center next to Putters)

Phone: (541) 688-PLAY (7529)

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